Monday, September 7, 2015

Sound Notes

Storytelling abounds...

JESSICA ABEL.   I interviewed cartoonist/author Jessica Abel in August for the Fall 2015 edition of the Journal of Radio and Audio Media.   Her first podcast series begins September 7th, and is based on her well-researched "comic essay" book Out on the Wire.

I am in the final stages of my 5th book,


The Cultural History of The Car Radio (Peter Lang publ., circa 2017) will be the first book-length study exploring the relationship between car and radio.  While many books have been devoted to the general history of radio, overlooked has been radio's unique relationship with the road.  This planned tone is intended to be a social commentary on such American trends as convergences, individualism and alienation.   Designed as a social history, Moving Sound is an account of car radio's role in American Life since its inception in the late 1920s.  The book takes the reader on a road trip through the past (war years, economic hardships, good times, social unrest, and material accesses in America) to the present challenges the medium faces with new audio technologies, satellite radio, web radio, digital recording options, iPods, and innovations on the horizon.   Finally, Moving Sound concludes by taking the traveler to virtual worlds where automobile owners revisit times gone by at in-world drive-ins.   Got an idea, let me know,
Jay Needham is working on the opening "story" based on his 'Blacktop' series, and we are moving toward our own car radio podcast series...more on that in the near future. 

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Student work in storytelling.